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The benefits of living in different areas of your city

When it comes to finding a new home, it’s not just the property itself that matters, but also the area it’s in. Each area has its own unique advantages and characteristics that can affect your experience of living there. In this guide, we explore the benefits of living in different areas for housing seekers looking […]

Practical tips and tricks for hosting successful viewings

Holding viewings of your home is an advantage in order to succeed in finding the right tenant. A viewing creates a first impression, where potential tenants get a feel for the home and its possibilities. At Samtrygg, you can choose between having viewings on site or digitally. Here are some practical tips and tricks to […]

Decorate your home with second hand!

Making your home cosy and inviting doesn’t always have to cost a fortune. By shopping second hand, you can create a unique and personal atmosphere in your home while saving money and contributing to a more sustainable lifestyle. Here are some simple tips for making your home more homely by shopping second hand.   Furnish […]

Optimize your chances of finding a tenant!

With the right strategies you can maximize your chances of finding the right tenant for your accommodation. As a landlord there are several key factors to consider to attract suitable tenants quickly and effectively. Here are five tips to optimize your rental process and ensure you find the perfect tenant for your home. 1. Make […]

How to increase your chances of finding your new home!

Finding the perfect rental home can be an exciting yet sometimes challenging process. To maximize your chances of securing your dream accommodation, it’s crucial to create an attractive tenant profile. Here are some essential tips to stand out and increase your opportunities of finding your new home. 1. Write a detailed description about yourself When […]