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Gothenburg is Sweden’s second largest city with more than half a million inhabitants in the inner city. Gothenburg was founded in 1621 when King Gustaf II Adolf visited the place for the first time. During the 19th century industrialism, many Brits moved to Gothenburg and the city quickly received the nickname “Lilla London”, which still remains today.

Gothenburg is a popular city – offering something for everyone. The city consists of 21 districts which together can offer anything from city pulse to quieter green areas. Gothenburg’s proximity to the sea has always characterized the city. Outside Gothenburg’s west coast lies Kattegat and Gothenburg archipelago. The port of Gothenburg is the largest in the Nordic region and plays a significant role in Swedish industry and commodity trading.

How you increase your chances of finding a sublease in Gothenburg

As it has become extremely popular to settle in Gothenburg, the development has led to housing shortages and as it usually takes several years for home seekers to find housing. On average, five years are expected in housing queue to be offered a first-hand contract and additional years are required for a rental property in Gothenburg’s more attractive areas. It’s clearly affected by the housing shortage in Gothenburg and Sweden as a whole. The development is alarming and calls for making more accommodations available. As small apartments in the inner city are the most popular, it is recommended that you broaden your search criteria regarding the size and location of the accommodation. This will increase the range of rental housing that matches your search preferences and also the likelihood that you will find a suitable rental property more quickly.