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Stockholm is the capital of Sweden and also the most attractive city to find an apartment to rent. The rental market here is reputed to be one of the toughest in Europe. Stockholm is one of five fastest growing regions in Europe and currently around 1 million people are living in Stockholm.

Stockholm is the center of Sweden, both in terms of business and entertainment. The city always offers the latest in the hustle and bustle – and attracts many tourists with its old historic charm. The city is built on a number of islands at the Mälaren’s embankment in the Baltic Sea, which ties together with the bridges connecting the various parts of the city. Stockholm consists of 14 districts. These are Bromma, Enskede-Årsta-Vantör, Farsta, Hägersten-Liljeholmen, Hässelby -Vällingby, Kungsholmen, Norrmalm, Rinkeby – Kista, Skarpnäck, Skärholmen, Spånga – Tensta, Södermalm, Älvsjö, Östermalm.

How you increase your chances of getting a second-hand home in Stockholm

Finding a home in Stockholm is anything but easy. The supply is low and demand for housing, especially in the interior, is high, which has severely affected both housing prices and the rental market. Finding a home in Stockholm has become a major problem in modern times.

The city is growing and although housing construction has to some extent accelerated, housing shortage is a fact.

As a seeker for sublet contract in Stockholm, you compete with many others about the homes available for rent. It is important to be aware that attractive items always disappear very quickly from the market and a useful tip is to broaden your search criteria, both in terms of specific area and size of the home. In order to increase your chances of finding a sublese, it may be good to include areas outside the metropolitan areas of your search. A useful tip may also be to search among larger homes as small apartments are very popular and the pressure on them is high. As the demand for larger homes is lower, it may be a good tactic to partner with friends or partners and be able to seek wider and thus gain access to more housing in the market.

Rent an apartment in Stockholm

The demand for apartments in Stockholm is high, especially in the city center where the rent levels are the highest but you will also have absolute proximity to everything that the city has to offer. Popular areas are Östermalm, Norrmalm/Vasastan, Kungsholmen and Södermalm. Thanks to well functioning communications, it’s also convenient to live a bit outside of the city centre where the rents generally are lower.

Rent a house in Stockholm

If you would like to rent a villa or townhouse in Stockholm, you’ll naturally be looking at areas a bit outside of the city center. Popular areas are Bromma, Enskede, Danderyd and Nacka. A bit further away you’ll find Sollentuna, Huddinge and Haninge, among other areas.

Rent a room in Stockholm

By renting a room in Stockholm, you’re able to live in a central location with a lower rent. Rooms with their own entrance are generally more common outside of the city. Renting a room in Stockholm can be a good solution both short and long term.