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Rent out your accommodation safely

With Samtrygg you will always feel safe as we offer sublet insurance & guaranteed payments in every rental.
Here you can calculate your approximate rent or read more about our model for safe leasing.


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Fill in the details and we will send a valuation for your sublease. This calculation is based on previously subleases with Samtrygg. Read more how to decide the rent here.

For the landlord

Safe, easy and free!

Lease your home with Samtrygg We have developed a flexible system for viewings and standardized contracts – to make you feel safe and ensure you dont miss anything of importance

Guaranteed rental payment Samtrygg pays the rent to you each month – on the set time. If the tenant has trouble paying the rent, Samtrygg guarantees the rental payment for two months

Sublet insurance is included Our insurance is specially adjusted for leasing your home – for your safety

The process for you as a landlord

1. Upload your ad

It’s easy to upload an ad on Samtrygg! If you find a tenant you like through Samtrygg, you have the opportunity to access our safety-package. Before that point, nothing is binding.
It is completely free to upload your ad and to use our safety-package for landlords.

2. Let the tenant find you!

Our database has over 30 000 applicants searching for homes. With our safety-package you never have to worry about payments or damages in the home. All you have to do is focus on finding the tenant that you are comfortable with.

3. Hold a viewing

The applicants can easily book viewings by selecting one of the slots you submitted in your ad. As soon as an applicant has booked a viewing, you will be able to see their profile with a personal description. If anything for any reason don´t appeal to you, you can always cancel a booking.

4. Choose a tenant

After a viewing you will be asked to leave a “Yes” or a “No” for each applicant. If both you and the applicant select “Yes”, we will proceed onto running a credit check on the applicant to make sure everything is safe and secure.

5. Draw up the sublet contract

In the past, many have experienced difficulties when drawing up a sublet contract. No stress! With our standardized contracts, adjustable to every type of situation you are assured to not miss out on any important details. We are here to assist you throughout the entire process.

6. Signing the contract

When both parties, you and your tenant, are happy with the content of the sublet contract all you have to do is sign it. To do this as safely and easily as possible, we use e-signature though BankID. In other words, you are only a click away from signing the contract, through you Internet-bank!

Your accommodation is ready to sublet!

Now all that remains is to hand over the keys and welcome your new tenant. Should any questions or issues arise during the leasing period, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service at kundtjanst@samtrygg.se.

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