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This is why Samtrygg is a safer

Hundreds of available accommodations all over Sweden. No queues and always safe terms. Safe, easy and no frauds

No deposit or rent before you move in Samtrygg takes the risk, as long as your
credit score is valid. This means that you don’t have to
pay large sums of money all at once!

No frauds Samtrygg acts as an intermediator
and handle all incoming and outgoing payments
to minimize the risk of fraud

Safe sublet contracts Our jurists have created
specially adjusted sublet contracts – to make you
feel safe and ensure that you don´t miss anything of

The process for you as a tenant

1. Upload your profile

Hundreds of accommodations are uploaded onto Samtrygg’s site every month. We monitor these to find those that match the search criteria you have submitted when creating your profile. Please take care when creating your profile to make sure you include your strengths as a tenant; sublessors will be able to see this information once you have booked a viewing.…Read more

2. Find objects and book viewings

Once you have created your profile, the next step is to search for a home. Find your matched objects under “My matched objects” or search for an accommodation here. The sublessor has submitted available times for viewings. You can book a viewing by clicking on “Book a viewing” featured on every ad. …Read more

3. Go on a viewing

When you have been to a viewing, Samtrygg will ask you to give your opinion about the object. This is done through your profile, find it here. If both you and the sublessor say “YES”, the next step is s to draw up the sublet contract. …Read more

4. Draw up the sublet contract

In the past, many have experienced difficulties when drawing up a sublet contract. With our standardized contracts, adjusted for any type of situation, you are assured that you will …Read more

5. Sign the contract

As soon as you and your sublessor feel conformable with the contract all you need to do is sign it. This is done via Bank ID or e-legitimation; to assure that the highest safety measure is being upheld for both parties. …Read more

You are ready to move in!

Once the contract is signed, all that is left for you to do is to move in to your new home. Congratulations!
Should you have any questions or inquiries during the rental period please do not hesitate to contact us at