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Y is a popular area – at the moment X houses are available for subleasing through Samtrygg

Live in Nacka

Nacka is situated just east of central Stockholm and has with is green areas and closeness to water and the archipelago become a popular area to live. With biking distance to Södermalm as well as good communications with public transport such as Saltsjöbanan and Tvärbanan as well as the current development of the subway with three new stations to Nacka (Sickla, Järla och Nacka C) is it easy to combine the best of both nature and city life.

There are plenty of houses and villas in Nacka in different styles so if you want to rent a house with a big garden or a charming wooden house with proximity to one of Nackas many nature reserves.

Why you should rent a house in Nacka

To look for and rent houses and accommodation in the Stockholm area could be anything but an easy task. Generally the offering is low and the demand for accomodation is high, something that has made the housing prices as well as subletting rents rise. Even though the construction of new accommodations have begun to increase a bit it is still a shortage of accommodation in Stockholm. The competition for subletting is hard, especially in the central area, and the risk of being scammed is a common worry amongst housing applicants. That is why searching for accommodation a bit outside of the central area, in such places as Nacka, could be a good strategy.

Remember to not be too narrow in your search since you can easily miss potential houses that could be of interest to you. If you are looking for subletting a house on a long-term basis but do not find anything that suits you it is sometimes easier to find a short-term contract, so that while you stay there, you can without stress look for a more long-term contract and find the house that you dream of.