About Us

Samtrygg was founded in order to create better conditions in a dysfunctional market, and at the same time become a natural meeting place for people who want a safe and smooth sublease. Despite the extensive problems on the sublet housing market we saw the opportunity to change these conditions and ensure a safer sublet period for both landlords and tenants. We look beyond fraud, unsafe payments and destroyed homes and find a solution where people don’t have to feel unsafe or uncertain. Today, ten years later, we have had thousands of satisfied customers across the country.

Each year, 150 000 Swedish homes are subleased. For a significant proportion of the population, subletting is the only option in the housing market. As more and more people are established on the sublet housing market, the number of people who meet its widespread insecurity increases. This is where Samtrygg comes into the picture – we consider it our task to create a modern sublet market where landlords and tenants can enjoy a safe and smooth sublet period, at a price both parties can agree upon.

When Samtrygg was founded, in 2013, the sublet housing market did not function as well as it could have. The regulations were difficult to interpret, the parties involved did not trust each other and fraud was very common. The sublet housing market lacked security.

Even though there still remain problems, Samtrygg has managed to offer a safer alternative. Samtrygg’s model is effectively remedying the problems by giving landlords payment guarantee, sublet insurance and safe contracts. In addition, tenants do not have to pay the deposit or advance. We take active part in helping both parties following the rules connected to the sublease and act as financial intermediary in order to minimize the risk of fraud.

Samtrygg’s model has been well received. This is noticed mainly in the large number of new customers that come through recommendations from previous clients. Today we are a safe marketplace with thousands of satisfied landlords and tenants across Sweden.

Now we want to take the next step in helping more people gaining access to a safe and smooth sublet. The sublet housing market continues to grow rapidly and is increasingly becoming a more natural part of the housing market. But with this growth comes an increasing number of problems if subletting is done in the same way as previously. Therefore, we are convinced that the future landlords and tenants will consider using a neutral intermediary as the obvious choice for safer conditions and reduced risk. Today, we are that intermediary and we want to continue being that. In our world, everyone has the right to safe housing.

Jim Ankare, CEO of Samtrygg Group AB (publ)