Use virtual 3D-viewing to sublet your home

Samtrygg now introduces free 3D-photography for all advertisements in Stockholm.
The viewing process fully takes place online, resulting in a faster and smoother process for all parties.



1. 3D-photography

A professional photographer will visityour residence at your convenience and make a 3D-Model for free. It takes roughly 15 minutes per room.


2. Direct application

At this stage, prospective tenants will be able to make a direct application for you to review. You have 48 hours to respond to an application.


3. Smooth review

Save time by reviewing applications online without the need of physical viewings. Samtrygg provides you with a wide pool of creditworthy applicants, with detailed user profiles for easier decision making.


4. Contract initiation

Samtrygg prepares a standardized contract based on the rental period and additional agreements.


5. Contract signatures

You can sign the contract via Bank ID or e-legitimation; to assure that the highest safety measure is being upheld for both parties.


6. Time for handover

When the contract is signed Samtrygg will provide you with all the necessary documents.


With virtual 3D-viewings, you no longer need to schedule and attend physical viewings.
It saves time while enabling a bigger pool of applicants to choose from!

Digital 3D viewings

Digital 3D viewings

Interested tenants can have a look and “walk around” on their computer or smartphone. The agreement is signed with BankID.
Verified tenants

Verified tenants

All Samtrygg’s tenants have verified profiles and we perform a credit check before the agreement is signed.
100 % Safe

100 % Safe

You’ll receive guaranteed payments, a sublease insurance and personal service through the whole process. As a landlord, our services are free of charge.



Digital viewing outside of Stockholm?

Currently, we’re offering 3D-viewings free of charge all over Stockholm. We can, however, help you sublease digitally even though your acommodation is locate elsewhere. Start by creating free ad, and we’ll be in touch!
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