What is included in your service?

 Samtrygg’s product contains several components that make your sublease safer and smoother. For you as a landlord, there are considerable benefits pertaining to the security packages we offer. In addition, our service is cost-free for landlords.

Our security package includes:
  • Guaranteed payments on deferred dates every month
  • Two month rental guarantee in the case of payment default by the tenant
  • Secure lease agreements
  • Customized sublet insurance
  • Personal service
  • Verified tenants (including a credit report)
What rent should I charge?

 Exactly what rent you should charge depends on several factors, such as form of housing, area, condition of the residence, etc. To get a better idea of an appropriate price level you can use our rental calculator. It is always important that the rent you charge is reasonable and in line with what the law states. To make it easier for you as a landlord we have compiled a simple guide for subletting here
How do you sign an agreement?

 We have developed a standardized, secure agreement that is easy to adapt for each specific situation.

The lease is signed electronically through BankID or Mobile BankID. Afterwards, all parties receive a signed lease agreement by email. The lease is also available when you log in to your profile under “Agreement”. Both parties need to agree on lease terms and other contractual parameters. The tenant and the landlord can themselves make changes and additions in the rental agreement as they wish.
When will my ad be published?

 To ensure that all necessary information is included in your ad, we’ll review it manually before publishing. This will be completed no later than the workday following the submittal of your ad.

If we lack any information we will get back to you in order to register the necessary additional data.
When can I hand over the keys to the tenant?

 The tenant and the landlord jointly agrees on the delivery date of the key. When handing over keys, Samtrygg recommends that both parties sign a key receipt together. The key receipt will be sent after signing.
What happens after a viewing?

 After each viewing, Samtrygg sends out a simple form in which you answer “Yes” or “No” for each individual home-seeker. A “Yes” does not bind you to sign a lease, but shows to the person in question that you are interested. If you have several home-seekers that are interesting, fill in “Yes” for all. Samtrygg will contact you as soon as possible and inform you about the home-seekers that are interested in your accommodation.