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Live in Stockholm

Stockholm is the capital of Sweden and is also the most attractive city to live in. Stockholm is one of the five fastest growing regions in Europe and today approximately one million people live in Stockholm city. Why it is so popular has many reasons, but the proximity to the water as well as the job opportunities it provides is probably some of the things that is makes so many people want to live here.

Stockholm is the center of both business and pleasure. The city always offers the latest trends and concepts in both food and entertainment which attracts many tourists with its old historical charm. The city is located on several islands by the outfall of Mälaren to the Baltic Sea and they are connected by several bridges linking the islands together. Stockholm has 14 districts which are Bromma, Enskede-Årsta-Vantör, Farsta, Hägersten-Liljeholmen, Hässelby –Vällingby, Kungsholmen, Norrmalm, Rinkeby – Kista, Skarpnäck, Skärholmen, Spånga – Tensta, Södermalm, Älvsjö, Östermalm.

How to increase your chances of subletting an apartment in Stockholm

To look for and rent houses and accommodation in the Stockholm area could be anything but an easy task. Generally the offering is low and the demand for accomodation is high, something that has made the housing prices as well as subletting rents rise. To find an apartment in Stockholm has nowadays become a headache. The city is growing and even if the construction of new accommodations have begun to increase a bit it is still a shortage of accommodation.

If you are looking for an apartment in Stockholm you are competing with a lot of other people for the apartments available for subleasing. It is important to be aware of that the most attractive apartments always rents out very fast and a good tip is to broaden your search criteria, both in regards to the area as well as the size of the accommodation. To increase your chances of finding a sublet apartment it could be a good idea to include areas outside of the central parts of the city in your search. I good tip could also be to search for bigger apartments than 1 or 2 bedrooms since these are the most popular ones and hence the most sought after. Since the demand for bigger apartments is lower it could be a good strategy to search together with friends or a partner in order to be able to have a wider search criteria and thereby get access to more apartments on the market.