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We will be happy to assist you with the sublease of your condominium on Heleneborgsgatan 25C
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We will be happy to assist you with
the rental of your condominium on Heleneborgsgatan 25C
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You no longer need to schedule and attend physical viewings. Safe, smooth and free of charge, just as usual

The safe way to sublease

Guaranteed rental payments

Forget worrying about the rental payments. Samtrygg pays the rent to you each month – on the set time. If the tenant has trouble paying the rent, Samtrygg guarantees the rental payment for two months.

Subletting insurance

Your tenant has a kid who paints on the wall? Someone accidentally spills wine on the couch? Don’t worry, Samtrygg’s insurance is specially adjusted for leasing your home – for your safety.

Personal rental agent

Your personal rent agent will help you with everything from creating your ad to signing the contract. Our customer service is available throughout the rental period. If needed, you also have free legal advice at your disposal.

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A simple and smooth process – free of charge for you as a landlord.

1. Create an ad

We help you to find a suitable rent-level and to create an appealing ad. It’s completely free to upload your ad. Before you’ve found a tenant that you like, and want to use our services, nothing is binding.

2. Pick the perfect tenant

We verifiy all the tenant’s identification and check their credit record. Our booking system makes it easy to book viewings with the tenants that have a profile that suits you.

3. Sign the contract and relax

With our standardized contracts, adjustable to every type of situation, you are assured to not miss out on any important details. Sign the contract in a safe and easy way with an e-signature through BankID.

Calculate your rent

By providing information about the housing and the rental period we can calculate your approximate rent. With Samtrygg you will always feel safe as we offer sublet insurance & guaranteed payments in every rental.
Samtrygg’s services are free of charge for you as a landlord.
Type of accommodation
Tenancy apartment
Co-op apartment
Estimated rent in Sweden
For rental apartments, special rules apply for the renting. Read more about how to calculate a reasonable rent here.
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Create an ad free of charge

  • Before the ad is published, you will be contacted by a rental agent at Samtrygg
  • By creating an ad you’re not binding to anything

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