How do I become an applicant?


Start by registering an account, free-of-charge. The next step is to verify your account and start adding information to your profile. Once you have completed your profile, Samtrygg can begin sending updates to you with objects that match your search-criteria. Naturally you can always search for objects by yourself on our website. Remember that it’s completely free of charge to search for homes on Samtrygg’s site. Samtrygg guarantees that your payments are made on time to the sublessor, and also offer a flexible system for booking viewings as well as safe and standardized sublet contracts. The sublessor cannot demand a deposit from you and neither will Samtrygg, given that you have a sufficient credit rating.
How quickly can I find a home?


Samtrygg publishes several new accommodations everyday, so with a little luck you can find a home in a week’s time. The success of finding a new home depends on many parameters; so remember to not be too narrow in the search criteria that you submit, when creating your profile.
What are the benefits of using Samtrygg’s safety-package as a tenant?


There are many benefits of choosing Samtrygg’s safety-package. We at Samtrygg care a lot about our tenants and want you to feel a great sense of safety when renting a home. This is reflected in the components of our safety-package, which includes:
  • Safe subletting-contracts</li
  • Deposit-free, as long as you have a sufficient credit score
  • No housing queues
  • No frauds
Is it always deposit-free?


The sublessor can never demand that you put down a deposit when you decide to rent through Samtrygg. Samtrygg very rarely ask for a deposit when you are using our service. This only happens when the tenant for example does not have a personal identity number (personnummer) or any registered income in Sweden. 

At the same time we do not want to deny anyone a place to live just because they do not have enough information to run a proper credit check. In this case we will allow the tenant to put down a deposit (2 months rent) to minimize the financial risk taken by us and in order to avoid fraud.

In the event that Samtrygg takes a deposit we will keep it safe during the entire rental period. It will be paid back to you once the keys have been handed back to the sublessor and the inspection has been completed.
What is the price for Samtrygg’s services?


To register an account, receive updates about new objects, search for new objects, book and going to viewings does not cost anything for you as an applicant as long as you follow our Terms of use. You can find Samtrygg’s terms of use here. When you sign an agreement through Samtrygg, we add our fee of 15% on top of the rent decided by the sublessor. To make this is as transparent as possible our fee is already included in the rent that you see in the ad, so there are no hidden costs when using our service.
Who do I pay rent to?


As a tenant, you will pay rent and service fee every month to Samtrygg, through our invoice partner. Samtrygg manages the rent payments to your sublessor every month.
What should I include in my profile?


Your profile should contain relevant information about you as an applicant. This includes a presentation of you, what your occupation is, if you have pets and what you do in your spare-time. It is also important to give information about what type of home you are looking for, such as size, rent and other notable preferences.

Once you have completed your profile you will be able to book viewings for potential homes. A complete profile contains the following:
  • Personal presentation (at least 150 characters)
  • Types of housing
  • Desired rental period
  • Number of rooms
  • Square meters
  • Monthly rent
  • Type of household, smoker, occupation, education, pets
  • Desired area (choose at least one (1) location where you would like to find a home)

Remember that the more detailed you are when creating your profile the easier it will be for us to help you find the right home for you.

How do I book a viewing?


Firstly, login to your profile with your personal password on our website. There you will find your “My matched objects” or “My saved objects”. Go to these to view ads that match your search criteria. You can also search for homes by yourself in the “Search Area”-field and choose the accommodations that interest you. Each ad features a red button with the text “Book a viewing”, click this button to book a viewing.

If the sublessor already has selected times for viewings, all you have to do is to choose one that works for you. We will send a confirmation SMS or email containing the full viewing details. At this point, you can contact the landlord directly through our chat. We advise you to contact the sublessor before the viewing to discuss any initial questions and to confirm the viewing.
What happens after a viewing?


Following each viewing, Samtrygg will send you a simple form asking you to leave a “Yes” or “No”, stating your interest for the object in question. A “Yes” does not bind you in any way to the residence; it only shows the sublessor that you are interested. You can say “Yes” to several objects if you have viewed more than one home; it only increases your chances of finding a home. Samtrygg will contact you as soon as a sublessor has left a “Yes” for you in return.
I want to draw up a sublet contract but I have not been to a viewing?


No worries! You can always draw up a contract via Samtrygg and access our safety-package. To do this, both you and the sublessor need to create an account on our website. Contact our customer service at or +46 (0)10-8848000 if you have any questions.
How and when should I hand over the keys?


You will arrange a time and date that suits both you and your sublessor to hand over the keys. When you meet with each other, we recommend that both parties sign an acknowledgement that the keys have been handed over. This acknowledgement form is sent to you by email as soon as both parties have signed the contract.
How do I know what is included in the rent?


All necessary information should be included in the ad on our website. However, naturally there might be incidents where the information you need is not stated. Don’t worry! You will have the opportunity to discuss everything with the sublessor at the viewing. Please remember to obtain all information that you need before you sign the contract.
Why does Samtrygg use electronic signatures for signing contracts?


We use electronic signature to provide the highest level of security for both parties. This method allows us to prove and verify that the right person is signing the contract.
How do I get access Mobilt BankID


Samtrygg’s most important task is to make both parties – tenant and sublessor – feel as safe as possible during the rental period. After many years of experience, we have discovered that electronic signatures increase the security for everyone involved. If you don’t have a BankID/Mobile BankID, you can easily get it from your Internet bank. If you do not yet have Internet-banking just contact your existing bank for assistance on this matter. Learn more about the signing process here.
When is rent paid?


In order to minimize risk of fraud the first rent is paid five days after you have moved in. The following rent payment is made in advance at the end of the month.
What is the inventory list and what should it include?


If the home is furnished then you should draw up an inventory list where you record any existing damages. It’s generally safer and more transparent to include this in the documentation. The inventory list should be drawn up in two (2) copies, of which both the tenant and the sublessor each receives a signed copy.
What should the inspection report include?


Once the contract is signed, an email containing the inspection report will be sent to both parties. It is usually easiest to fill out the report at the same time that the keys are handed over. Go through the home carefully and document its condition. Take pictures of any damages.
How and when should I hand over the keys?


You will arrange a time and date that suits both you and your sublessor to hand over the keys. When you meet we recommend that both parties sign an acknowledgement that the keys have been handed over. This acknowledgement form is sent to you by email as soon as both parties have signed the contract.
How do I terminate the sublet contract?


To terminate the sublet contract you will have to send an email to your sublessor. It is important that you confirm the termination with the sublessor to ensure that they have received your notice of termination. You should then forward the email, including your sublessors confirmation, to our customer service on
Samtrygg sends a confirmation email to both parties stating that the termination had been effected. Please note that the Swedish Rental Law (JB 1970:994) states that notice of termination has to be given in full calendar months. This implies that the month in which the termination was made does not count when calculating the notice period.
What happens after the contract is signed?


When both parties have signed the contract the process is almost done! The last step is to decide upon a moving-in date and draw up the list of inventories. When this is done, the only part left is to receive the keys and move in. Congratulations!