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Live in Malmö

Malmö is the third largest city in and is located in the southern region of Sweden. Malmö is known for being the “City of Parks”, since it has several parks and green areas where you can enjoy the blossoming splendor during spring and summer. The proximity to the water is also something that characterizes Malmö and Ribbersborgsstranden, or “Ribban” as it is called by the locals, is close to the city center and becomes a natural hangout spot during summer. Malmö offers plenty of restaurants, art galleries and museums, so regardless of what you are looking for Malmö has loads to offer. The closeness to the continent is also something that is significant for the city since Copenhagen is just a short train ride away.

Rent a house in Malmö

Malmö has several popular villa areas close to both the city, sea and nature. So regardless of if you are looking for a beautiful stonehouse or an architect-designed villa you can find it here. It is important to be aware that the most attractive objects usually disappear from the market rather quickly, so a good tip is to broaden your search criteria, both in regards to area as well as size of the house. To increase your chances of renting a house in Malmö a good idea could be to include areas a bit outside of the city center. Consider what is most important to you when you are looking for a house to rent, is it proximity to work or schools, the possibility of having a big garden, closeness to the sea or maybe the number of bedrooms? By thinking through what you are looking for you will increase your changes of renting a house in Malmö.