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No fraud
Sublet insurance
Personal customer service
Safe sublet contracts
Our rent guarantee now covers up to 12 months!
We believe that landlords always should be sure to get paid, on time and regardless if the tenant pays or not. That is why we now increase our rent guarantee from 2 to 12 months.

Welcome to an even safer home rental experience with Samtrygg!

Sublet your home – safe and easy

Sublet your home – safe and easy

Are you thinking of subletting your home? Our Safety package give you the safety you need. Check out the video to get a picture of our process.
Sublet your home

Our Safety package protects you

Safe sublease contracts

Our lawyers have created a customized sublease contract, which makes you as safe as possible and assures that you don’t miss out on any important details.

No frauds

Samtrygg acts as a safe intermediator and manages all transactions in order to minimize the risk of frauds. You don’t have to pay a deposit as long as you are creditworthy.


Samtrygg has developed a customized sublet insurance which covers elements that a normal home insurance doesn’t. This makes the leasing safer for both the landlord and the tenant.
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Fast track to your dream home

Create a personal profile and describe why you are looking for accommodation
Choose an object that suits you and book a time for a viewing
After the viewing, Samtrygg will get in touch with you to check if you’re interested in renting the accommodation
If both you and the landlord are pleased, we create a contract that suits your needs
Create a profile

Let us find your future home

Let us find your future home

We at Samtrygg are passionate about creating a sublet housing market available for all. We care about your safety and create better circumstances on the sublet market – in our world everybody has the right to feel home and deserves a safe rental . We’ll guide you through the whole rental period.
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Common questions & answers about our process

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