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Serious tenants Samtrygg validates all tenants prior to the sublease. We also make sure that the rent is reasonable.

Fraud-free By acting as a safe middleman and handling all payments, we minimize the risk for frauds.

Safe contracts Our jurists have created specially adjusted sublet contracts – so that all parties can feel safe

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Samtrygg was founded in 2013 as it came to our attention that the subleasing market wasn’t working ideally. The rules and regulations were difficult to interpret, there were a lack of trust between the parties and frauds were not uncommon. Since that we’ve helped thousands of persons to a safe subleasing. Some BRF-boards contact us for more information. You can reach us on (+46)010-884 80 00


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Subleasing can be a challenging task for the BRF-board. The apartment owner expecs fast and correct information before the sublease. During the sublease, it might be de difficult to reach the parties and have full knowledge of how subleasing works in the particular association. Samtrygg offer solutions for the board. We can help with everything from exchanging ideas to handle all administration of agreements. We also have associations that demands a higher level of service. This can mean to keep a register with contact information and create invoices for the fee that the board have the right to take from the apartment owner who is subleasing.

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