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Södermalm, also known as Söder, is an area – as you can tell by the name – located south of Stockholm. Södermalm stretches from Slussen in the north, Skanstull in the south, Bergsund in the west and Danvik Canal in the east. The district comprises Reimersholme, Långholmen, Södra Hammarbyhamnen (Hammarby Sjöstad), Old Town and Riddarholmen. The Old Town was for a long time Stockholm’s original city center and was located on Stadsholmen.

Settling down in Södermalm has become more popular than ever before. Today’s Södermalm differs very much from its history. In the past, Södermalm was a home for the working class – today the trend factor is high. Everyone wants to be a Söderkis or Söderböna – a person who is strongly connected to the district and has a close relationship with the culture figuring on Söder. A Söderkis or Söderböna is obviously, according to the norm, a Hammarby IF fan.

Why do so many people want to move to Söder? Södermalm is an area that attracts many and always offers a lot of pulse. With a wide variety of entertainment, the district has something to offer for all tastes.

Some of the most famous main streets in Södermalm are Götgatan, Hornsgatan and Ringvägen. Götgatan stretches from Hornsgatan and Stockholm City Museum in the south to Skanstull and Skanstullsbron with a length of approximately 1.6 kilometers, here you will find everything from great shopping to unique souvenir shops and cozy restaurants.

Something you can not miss visiting is the popular Nytorget and Medborgarplatsen. The charming neighborhood around Nytorget is located at Nytorgsgatan. Here you can enjoy a nice cup of coffee or visit popular restaurants and bars – all located in the same square.