Samtrygg Introduces Direct Applications

For selected homes in Stockholm City, Samtrygg will provide a virtual 3D-model and verify the residence in advance. As a result, you no longer need to physically visit the residence before applying. Direct applications provide a fast and safe alternative for you as a tenant.



1. Virtual 3D-viewing

Samtrygg will verify the home in advance and make a 3D-model.


2. Direct application

After viewing the residence online, you may proceed to make a direct application.


3. Response within 48h

The landlord will receive your application and profile directly and respond within 48 hours.


4. Contract initiation

Samtrygg will prepare a standardized sublet contract adjusted for your tenancy. You will then have the opportunity to confirm your interest before the contract process is initiated.


5. Contract signatures

You can sign the contract via Bank ID or e-legitimation; to assure that the highest safety measure is being upheld for both parties.


6. Ready to move in

Once the contract is signed, all that remains for you to do is moving in to your new home. Congratulations!


Using the direct application, you will get a confirmation from the landlord within 48 hours. You do not have to attend physical viewings while still benefiting from Samtrygg’s safety package.