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Samtrygg’s New Offerings: Rental Broker and Rental Package for an Easier Rental Experience

Samtrygg expands its offerings with two exciting new services: Rental Broker and the Rental Package. These additions complement our already popular Security Package, making renting out your property even easier and safer.

The Security Package – The Foundation of Secure Renting

Samtrygg’s Security Package is designed to give you, as a landlord, a safe and hassle-free rental experience. Here are some of the key components:

  • Rent Guarantee: Up to 12 months of guaranteed rent, regardless of whether the tenant pays or not. This means you can always count on stable rental income.

  • Specialized Security Insurance: Protection that covers any damages and issues that may arise during the rental period.

  • Personal Service and Assistance: You get access to personal service and expert advice throughout the rental process.

These benefits are included when you choose to rent out your property through Samtrygg, making it an attractive option for landlords.

Rental Broker – Professional Help for a Smoother Rental Process

For landlords who want extra help, Samtrygg has now introduced the Rental Broker service. Many people find it challenging to juggle daily life, especially when moving and navigating the rental market. That’s why Samtrygg offers a solution:

  • Advertisement: An experienced rental broker helps you create an effective and attractive ad for your property.

  • Tenant Selection: The broker assists in finding the best tenants through careful selection.

  • Viewings: The broker handles property viewings, saving you time and energy.

With a professional rental broker, you can feel confident that your property is advertised correctly and the right tenant is chosen.

Rental Package – Extra Security and Convenience

In addition to the Rental Broker, Samtrygg also offers the Rental Package, which provides additional security and convenience:

  • Key Handover and Inspection: Professional handling of key handovers and property inspections.

  • Customer Service for Maintenance Requests: An available customer service team to handle maintenance requests and coordinate relevant services.

  • Extra Services: The option to purchase additional services such as weekly cleaning or emergency visits, ensuring any issues can be resolved quickly and easily.

These additional services allow you to feel completely secure with your rental, while also saving time and enjoying a more convenient experience.

Practical Information about the Rental Broker and Rental Package

To access the Rental Broker and Rental Package services, you need to order them before the 25th of each month to be activated the following month. There is no binding period, giving you the flexibility to cancel the services whenever you like. These services are currently only available in Stockholm and within a 20 km radius outside the city.

With the help of the Rental Broker, Rental Package, and Security Package, Samtrygg offers a comprehensive solution to make your rental experience as smooth and secure as possible. You only need to apply to the association, then you can sit back and let Samtrygg handle the rest. Doesn’t that sound great?

Contact us about prizing and ordering a Rental Broker and/or the Rental Package here!