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Samtrygg Offers Tailored Landlord Insurance for Peace of Mind

Renting out your property can be a lucrative venture, yet it comes with its own set of risks and uncertainties. Many landlords assume that their regular home insurance covers all contingencies. However, the truth is that a standard home insurance policy is rarely tailored for rental purposes and might leave you exposed to unexpected damages or losses. To mitigate this uncertainty, Samtrygg has developed a tailored landlord insurance specifically designed to offer maximum security and peace of mind.

Why do you need specialized insurance when renting out your property?

A typical home insurance policy provides coverage for personal property within the residence and for the fixtures in a condominium. Despite this, there are gaps in coverage when it comes to rental situations. This is where Samtrygg’s landlord insurance comes into play. It’s created to complement and enhance the limited coverage provided by a standard home insurance policy during the rental period. With this insurance, landlords can feel secure and protected against accidents and damages that may occur.

What does Samtrygg’s specialized landlord insurance cover?

  • Personal Property: This insurance covers personal property in the residence that is typically not covered by a standard home insurance policy.
  • Fixtures in a Condominium: Even fixtures within the condominium, usually not covered by a conventional home insurance policy, are included in this insurance.
  • Coverage up to 1,000,000 SEK: To provide maximum security, this insurance covers damages up to one million Swedish kronor.
  • Intentional Damage: It also covers intentional damages, including fixtures in a condominium.
  • Loss of Rent in Case of Damage: If damage occurs, the insurance covers the loss of rent incurred due to the damage.
  • All-Risk Coverage for Personal Property and Fixtures in a Condominium: This insurance provides all-risk protection for both personal property and fixtures in a condominium, offering broad coverage against various types of damages.

Our Offer for Landlords

Samtrygg understands that security is crucial when choosing to rent out your property. By offering this specialized landlord insurance, we aim to provide you with the necessary safety and peace of mind to enjoy the benefits of being a landlord without worrying about unexpected events.

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