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Give your rental ad an extra push – 4 tips!

Are you about to create a rental ad, or would you like to give your existing ad an extra push? Regardless of your situation, there are ways to improve your ad – which will increase the possibility of attracting more applicants. Here are our best tips! 

  1. Better photos. It’s hard to overestimate the importance of good images. Taking good pictures with your phone can be very easy. Clear out and clean your accommodation, take photos at a horizontal angle (flip your phone), and, if possible, take the pictures in daylight – this will significantly improve the quality and appeal of your photos. 

  2. Improve the description. By having a reasonable length and detailed description that tells what is unique about your accommodation, you will more easily catch the reader’s interest. However, avoid writing a description that is too long – focus on the essential parts.

  3. Upload a floor plan. Many applicants tend to appreciate the overview of the accommodation that a floor plan gives. If you have one, do therefore upload it. If needed, you can even create a sketch yourself. 

  4. Consider adjusting the rent. If the rent is too high, it might be challenging to find the right tenant, and there’s a risk that your accommodation will be uninhabited at the supposed start date of the rental. This will mean a loss of income for you.

    Example: An accommodation with a considered rent of 20 000 kr/month with a rental period of six months. Even if the accommodation is empty for just a week, this will still mean a monthly loss of 833 kr each month during the entire rental period of 6 months. Moreover, if it’s uninhabited for one month, this will mean a staggering monthly loss of 3 333 kr.

Time without a tenant 1 week  3 weeks 1 month 2 months
Lost monthly income  – 833 kr/month – 2 500 kr/month – 3 333 kr/month  – 6 667 kr/month

By lowering the rent, you will most probably make your object more attractive, which decreases the risk of having your accommodation inhabited and you will instead maximize your total rent income.

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