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Checklist when you’re about to sublet your accommodation

Are you thinking about subletting your property, rented apartment, or townhouse? We have put together a checklist for the letting that will help you to take the first steps to a safe subletting.

Take pictures and prepare an ad

Appealing and carefully prepared images, alongside detailed information about the property, will make your future ad more attractive – and it will pay off to back it up with some well thought out pictures. Make sure to take the pictures in daylight, since this will emphasize all of your property’s best qualities.

A central part of the ad’s content is, of course, the rent. A good start-off point is to try out Samtryggs Rent Calculator, which will show you an average rent based on what comparable properties in the area have been rented for earlier. It will pay off to begin a cost-free ad right from the beginning and we will give you suggestions about when to make the ad go public, to gain the most interest.

Clean up the property

If possible, it is often a very good idea to clear the property from unnecessary things and to clean it. The tenant will appreciate the additional space. Not having too many personal belongings on display during the subletting might feel good on your own part as well.

Please note that a furnished property is usually of higher interest. This is especially true for shorter subleases, so it might be a good idea to be flexible about the furnishing.

If anything in the property needs to be fixed, for example a radiator that needs aeration, a tap that is leaking, or a door that needs some oil, make sure you take care of it before the sublessee arrives.

Document the property

We will always recommend you and your future tenant to walk through the property together before they move in to avoid any misunderstandings. It will not hurt, of course, if you have done this on your own before the tenant arrives. This way you will know what aspects to bring up.

Take an extra look at eventual damages, discolorations, and other things that might need to be brought up. Always make sure you keep an inventory list to avoid any future problems.

Check the home insurance and other contracts

When you sublet you need to have a valid home insurance. If you want to get a new home insurance, we at Samtrygg can give you some tips about home insurance from Hedvig. Right now, you as a user of Samtrygg will get a 50 % discount the first two months. Take part of the offer from Hedvig here.

Also make sure to check if you have any other contracts or subscriptions that are bound to the property you intend to sublet and make changes as needed.

When subletting through Samtrygg, we help you throughout the whole process – from creating an appealing ad to signing the contract. Start by creating a free account today to get started!